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Frequently Asked Questions - MyAcorn

Frequently Asked Questions



Acorn is an age friendly smart tablet that has been designed with and tested by the older adult! Acorn has the same functions as other smart tablet without all the hassle.


An Acorn can do many things such as set alarms, send emails and messages, make calls, take photos and much more. You can check this out in our features section be clicking here!


No. We at Acorn think that the iPad is a fantastic product, but it has a user interface that is designed for people who have previous experience using this kind of technology whereas with Acorn we’ve specially designed the Acorn for people an older adult who may have not had any previous experience with smart tablets.


Currently you can only buy Acorn on our website.


Yes! We offer a change of mind policy of 30 days so if you do decide you want to return it during this 30-day period you can! We cannot however refund Data or Companion App fees.


You need an Acorn tablet, a WiFi connection or data and you’ll need to setup a Google Account!

No, your friends and family can download the Acorn Companion App to connect with you!

Yes, but if you do not have an account let us know when you are purchasing the Acorn and we will set you up with one!

Yes, you can use Acorn to contact those who do not have Acorn! We also have developed a free companion app that allows you to share things from your Acorn to family and friends on the companion app.

The Acorn tablet comes preloaded with videos on how to work everything which can be found if you click on the help button in the top right of the screen.

Alternatively, you can find all these videos in the community section of our website.

If you are still in need of help you can contact our support team: support@cliffrunmedia.com

It takes roughly 3 hours for the Acorn to reach full charge.

When you get the Acorn first it may take slightly longer to get the battery fully operational.

The battery when fully charged will last up to 4 days if used intermittently.

Emergency Alert enables users to notify friends or family if they are worried or in distress. It does not replace emergency services.

Companion App!

The Acorn Companion App is a free to download app that is available from the Google Play and Apple App Stores respectively. With the Companion App you can send messages, make calls and much more you can find out from our Companion App page on the website!

The Companion App is available from the respective App stores on iOS and Android.

If you have purchased the Acorn Family package and have entered in your email address all you need to do is download the app and create an account using that email address and we will take care of the rest!


If you have not you have not purchased the Acorn Family Package you will need the security ID from the Acorn you are trying to connect to. The Security ID can be found in the top right of the settings on Acorn.

The minimum requirement for iPhones is an iPhone 5 or newer running at least iOS 10 or above.

At the moment you are unable to upgrade directly from the website but if you get in touch with our support team we will try work something out!

Payments and Refunds!

At the moment we only accept credit card payment via Stripe and PayPal.

Refunds usually take between 5-10 working days.

Before getting a refund check out our Returns Policy located at the bottom of the page.

You can learn more about refunds by visiting our refunds and returns page!

Privacy and Security!

The Acorn is fully encrypted and secure. We do not give any information away to any third party and the only users who will be able to see your information (such as name, email address) when you have your privacy set to high are the people you are connected to.

Yes, the Acorn is fully secure and you will not receive any pop up from Acorn. However, since we don’t want to limit the user experience and allow downloads from the Google Play Store certain apps may have pop ups so we recommend users be careful and read the app reviews!

We only store whatever information you give to us and we keep it in our secure database.


The regular license will cover the standard feature set of the Acorn service which includes the use of the tablet and up to 4 companion app users linked to the principal tablet user.

The extended license will cover the full extended service including the standard feature set and additional features such as extra companions, emergency alerts and mobile data packages.

The Acorn Terms and Conditions set out the agreements that tablet and companion app users must abide by in order to use the Acorn service. They can be found online here link to Acorn Terms and Conditions.